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In Cobb County, bail bonds are a hot topic for debate. Some say they help society while others say they allow for criminals to be released from jail unjustly. While it is our mission to inform the public of how the bonding process works, it is not our goal to make your mind up for you regarding our criminal justice system. These posts come straight from our Cobb County bondsman. If you need assistance, call us at 770-799-6756.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Smyrna Bail Bonding

The increase of Smyrna/Cobb County bail bonds is a telling sign of things to come. Crime is on the rise and people aren’t getting any wiser regarding how they manage their situations and personal issues. Therefore, I believe that we all need to think about the way that the criminal justice system handles the accused and the way that we deal with them when they are arrested.

I live in Smyrna, Georgia and my family has been here for several generations. We have seen this area go through its highs and struggle through its lows, but the thing that always remains is that people will do some really crazy things around here that they get arrested for in the end. From public nudity to theft, people make horrible decisions. The motives of these offenders varies, but the following is what I think about the recent rise in Smyrna Cobb County bail bonds being written by agents in the area…

Smyrna Bail Bonds Cobb County

Personally, I think that a lot of people who make dumb decisions should be let off with a warning. I know a lot of people from my college days who committed so many crimes, but they were actually victim-less ones. They still got cited and had to go before a judge, but none of them were ever ignored by a police officer or the Cobb County Sheriff’s Department. I think that there are extenuating circumstances for a lot of things that these law enforcement officers don’t take into account.

Cobb County bail bonds in Mableton

The same goes for people over there in Mableton, Georgia. The demographics over there are very similar to over here. So, whether it’s an increase in Cobb County bail bonds in Mableton or a rise in the overall crime rate in Smyrna, GA, it’s all the same. People need to be a lot more lenient in the way they treat criminals.

What if the person arrested was you? Wouldn’t you want to be let go with a warning? The fact is, that people in Cobb County aren’t being given warnings for anything anymore. They are being either cited or arrested. I think that a lot of these authorities have to make up for the lack of city and county revenues with court fees and the like. That’s just my opinion though.

If you really know the bail bonding industry inside and out, I would appreciate your opinion. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell me if I’m right or wrong. Don’t worry, you won’t offend me.