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In Cobb County, bail bonds are a hot topic for debate. Some say they help society while others say they allow for criminals to be released from jail unjustly. While it is our mission to inform the public of how the bonding process works, it is not our goal to make your mind up for you regarding our criminal justice system. These posts come straight from our Cobb County bondsman. If you need assistance, call us at 770-799-6756.

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Bail Bonds Process in Cobb County, Georgia

Cobb County Bail Bonds Processes

The role that bail bonds play in the legal system can be overwhelming for everyday people to understand. Click on the picture above for more information on Cobb County bail bonds and how they work.

Fun Fact: Cobb County, Georgia is is the fifth-highest-income Georgia U.S. state per capita with an annual income of $33,110. source: wikipedia